Office moves in Nairobi

Running your business from a new location is exhilarating. A bigger physical space do indicate business growth and employees are likely to look forward to working in an upgraded facility. However, you have to deal with one office moving, relocating your company assets to the new location, which in most cases may not be as seamless if not well planned.

This article aims help to ensure that you have a comfortable office move into your new space without much interruptions.

How to Prepare For An Office Move

  • Decide Your Moving Date. Schedule the relocation date based on important activities your business calendar. Note down the events in the moving timeline. Factor in when the business’ building lease will expire. The property manager should be notified of the anticipated move date. Also, communicate with all employees about the set relocation date.
  • Hire An Office Moving Company. After you have decide on your moving date, the next step is to hire a moving company to help with your move. An office move is not like a house move which you can just invite friend to help. This is because of the nature of the move. Research on moving companies then decide on the one that will help you with your move. Here are tips on how to choose the best moving company.
  • Update Your Location On Online Platforms. Many businesses today have an online presence since digital marketing has become so essential in marketing today. Inform your web developers about the new location you are relocating to so that they can update the details. If possible a “Notice” should be published on the website to inform the visitors about your new location. This should also be done for all social media pages such as facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.
  • Get Rid Of Stuff You Don’t Need. Before relocating, it is expedient to get rid of the office clutter that has no functional use in the new office. Unusable furniture, old desks and chairs, broken shelving and décor that has no place in the new space can be discarded or donated prior to the relocation. Also recycle or shred office documents that are no longer needed. Explore charities to which you may donate the surplus office equipment and fixtures.

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