The cold weather is finally here. Bad news! right? Many people-myself included- are thinking of ways to not only keep their houses warm but also save a few coins in the end. To many it becomes a tall order especially those leaving in old houses. Some may prefer to rush and buy an electric heater, but before doing that, check out the following tips to keep your house warm despite the chilling cold weather outside.
Seal gaps and cracks in your house.

Surprisingly, if you added up all the gaps and cracks in your house, it would be equivalent to having a 1 meter by 1.5 meter window open all the time. This will approximately account to almost 20% heat loss in your house. Seal gaps around windows, doors and cracks on your walls.

Use heavy curtains.

Up to 40% of heat that escapes from your house is due to uncovered windows. Heavy, lined curtains that extend below the window frame will serve you a great deal. These curtains will insulate your house against heat loss and in the end ensure it is warm.

Insulate your home.

This may seem expensive to some but it not. It is actually cheaper than purchasing an electric heater which will definitely hike your electricity bill. You can use materials such as glass fibre which will give your house a layer of protection from outside chilling cold. This will in the end reduce any loss of heat that has accumulated in your house and thus keep it warm.

Let it shine!

Once the sun is up, you need to capture as much of that heat as possible. So before leaving the house, open up all those curtains and let the light shine!

Close unused rooms.

Many rooms may hinder effective and easier heating of your house. It is advisable to close unused rooms such as the store. This will definitely reduce the surface area being heated and in the end result into more warmth in your house. If using an electric heater it will serve you a great deal as no heat will be wasted heating these unused rooms.

Ultimately, keep the person warm versus the house.

The house doesn’t really care if it’s a little chilly, but you do. So throw on hoodies and sweaters, get a warm robe, sip on hot coffee or tea all day, break out the thick blankets and bedsheets; do whatever you need to do to stay warm and comfortable.

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