Imagine your most treasured art pieces breaking during your house move. The thousands of shillings you spent on purchasing the art crumbling into a million pieces. We’ll this doesn’t have to be the case. You

could simply avoid this by hiring a reputable removals company to help with safe packaging. But if you

opt to do it yourself here are a few guidelines on how to go about it.

Spend money

The art wasn’t cheap, so why use cheap wrapping for packaging? I know using last week’s newspaper is

the easiest option, but at what cost to your pieces? The newspaper ink might rub off on the art pieces

causing you to spend even more money to get it off. Look for specially designed boxes that are

reinforced enough to carry the art. Get bubble wrap so as to cushion the art from damage.


You can never have too much too much information. Research on how best to transport the specific art

pieces ;what works for a certain art piece will not work for another art piece. Use masking tape over

mirrors or large glass wall hangings. This way, you prevent a shuttering hazard in case the glass gets

broken, making the art piece somewhat salvageable.

Inform everyone assisting you

If your friends are helping you move let them know how important your art pieces are to you. And in

case they forget, remind them again. You can never insist too much.

Consider Insurance

Accidents are inevitable and you need to be prepared in the eventuality of it happening. Take up an

insurance cove for the period you are considering to move houses.

Take weather into account

Moving oil paintings during the hot season can be quite risky, reason? The heat could cause the paint to

melt. In addition moving trucks normally don’t have air conditioning therefore making it worse.

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