Read Without Tears

Sam Kihara, Managing Director Cube Movers said, “Read without Tears was also specially created to mark our 10th Anniversary since we started business. It’s been a great journey of move without tears for both our private and corporate clients and we now feel it is time to give back to the community in a significant […]

Pet Tips for Landlords

Pet Tips for Landlords Sometimes land lords can be quite rigid when it comes to their pet policies. Especially when you imagine the costs that go into renovating your premises once the tenant has moved out. However, marketing your premises as ‘pet friendly’ can work in your favor by getting a tenant faster. As a […]

Moving into a small space

Moving into a small house can be challenging, especially if you’re moving from a bigger home. This means you have tons of items to get rid of so that it all fits into your smaller house. This process doesn’t have to be so strenuous; Cube Movers brings you tips on how to get through this […]

Inter County Relocation services

Moving Art Pieces

Imagine your most treasured art pieces breaking during your house move. The thousands of shillings you spent on purchasing the art crumbling into a million pieces. We’ll this doesn’t have to be the case. You could simply avoid this by hiring a reputable removals company to help with safe packaging. But if you opt to […]

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