Ultimate Guide to Hiring Quality Movers

hiring quality movers

We all get to a point where we want to move houses. Whether you’re going to a new neighbourhood or a bigger house, moving is one of the most hectic things to do. Back in the day, before professional movers became popular and affordable, moving meant getting all your kinsmen from the village to come help. People would take up to 6 weeks to organize and rearrange the house back to its original state after the move. Some would pack their Sunday best dress in the carton meant for donation. This mistake would happen because the box was empty or people didn’t have time to read the label on the package.

When you plan on moving, you need to plan in advance to make sure everything is in order. You can come up with a moving checklist to make things easier. Moving companies make life easier. You wake up in your old house, go to work and by evening you are going to your new place. Your DSTV is connected ready to enjoy your favourite shows. You can stay at home to supervise the move or get your family or friend to help.

Cube Movers know how hard it is to pick a moving company from the 95+ moving companies in Kenya. This article will make it easier for you.

Research on Top Moving Companies

research on the moving companies cube movers

Come up with a list of different companies that provide moving services. A simple google search will help you find quality movers. A good way of finding the right company is to get in touch with them and ask any questions you might have. If the person you are speaking to doesn’t sound friendly and interested to speak to you, this could be an indication of what services to expect from the moving company.

Because the movers are dealing with your personal belongings, you need to find professionals that will handle them with care. Create a list of 3 to 4 companies to pick from. Choose companies that don’t ask you to pay a large deposit before the move. The right company will take inventory of what you want to move and the weight.

Compare Prices

Before getting prices, a surveyor from the moving company needs to visit your house to do a physical assessment in order to generate a quotation for you. They should share the quote in a day or 2 and after you receive it, make sure you read the terms of the service. Look out for unrealistic promises used as selling points. In most cases, the quotation will act as a binding agreement between you and the moving company. There are companies which will give you a free quote after the survey.

Be cautious of any prices lower than the average costs. If it’s too high or you don’t understand something, ask for clarification before you settle. Finally, don’t be afraid to negotiate to get the best possible rate. Most moving companies will be open to negotiations and giving reasonable discounts especially in a market where there’s lots of competition.

Read Reviews


Conduct a thorough background check on the companies you are considering. Be wary of companies without a physical location and those that are new in the market but no one has heard of.  Once you have all the pricing, you can get recommendations from your networks. If this is not possible, ask the moving company to get you at least 3 referrals from your neighbourhood with complete phone numbers. Then call the referrals to find out what experiences they had with the moving company.

Here you’ll gauge the professionalism of the moving company as a whole. A gum chewing, no-notebook, hasty surveyor, might just be a reflection of the company you are engaging. The surveyor should be thorough and check all your storage spaces such as cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and attics.

Plan for the Pre-Move Survey

cube movers

A good moving company should always ask to see the items that you want to be moved. This will help you point out the delicate and valuable items you want to move with. They should handle items with sentimental value such as a portrait of your grandparent’s wedding which was taken in the 1940’s with care. No amount of money can replace such an item. A professional surveyor should take note and advise the moving team on taking care of the valuable things during the move. Remember to pick a day that you are free so that you show them what to pack and where to place items once they get to the new house.

Settle on a Quote

The most favourable quote does not necessarily mean the cheapest or the highest. It is the one that provides the best value for your money. Take a few days to decide on the company you believe will do the best work, confirm your move waiting for your pleasant move. Ideally, you shouldn’t break a sweat while hiring quality movers. The most you should do is give instructions and then go on with your day as you wait for a call from the move supervisor telling you they are en route to your new house.

Happy moving!

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