Professional Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

Cube Movers Limited offer cleaning services that satisfy all office and home cleaning requirements. Our dedicated team is fully trained and we are focused on delivering highest cleaning standards to our clients. For any standard or bespoke cleaning needs for your office or home Cube Movers Limited are here to help!

We provide a free office visit to discuss your expectations which are then detailed in an individual cleaning plan the cleaner will strictly follow. If you would like to book a visit, please contact our cleaning services to arrange a convenient day and time.

Our professional cleaners are happy to take on all sorts of jobs, from a 15-minute quick spot treatment for your home to a thorough top-to-bottom deep cleaning service for your home, office or commercial property. With our high standards, reasonable prices and special offers you get excellent value for your money.

    Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi Kenya

    Office cleaning gives a good first impression to your customers and visitors, as well as enhancing your staff’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Reducing viruses, allergens, dust, and mould makes your team healthier and more productive.

    Our cleaners are passionate about what they do. We have a strict recruitment process and rigorous training programme to ensure that all the cleaners in our team are not only experienced and fully confident in delivering excellent cleaning services, but are also committed to their roles, and are reliable and trustworthy. In what is a typically transient business we try to recruit employees who want to develop and grow with us. That’s why we offer regular opportunities for promotion, consistent training, and are committed to the safety, development, and satisfaction of our fantastic team members.

    We use eco-friendly cleaning materials in line with our sustainability policy. We have established good relationship with quality suppliers of eco-friendly solutions for office cleaning, which are not only good for environment, but better for your staff and visitors too.

    Daily Office Cleaning Checklist:

    We will work with you to create a tailored, bespoke cleaning specification to perfectly suit your specific requirements. Your Contract Account Manager will ensure that service level agreements are maintained and will be flexible should your requirements change in the future. Our daily office cleaning services can include:

    • Daily office cleaning up to 7 days a week
    • A tailored cleaning specification that best suits your needs and hours of operation
    • Office equipment cleaning
    • Washroom cleaning services
    • Kitchen cleaning services
    • Internal and external window/partition cleaning
    • Hard floor and  carpet cleaning
    • Emptying waste bins and recycling
    • Touchpoint cleaning
    • Janitorial supplies
    • Feminine hygiene

    Carpet Cleaning Services

    Looking for carpet cleaning services? We’re expert carpet cleaners in Nairobi!

    In buzzing 24/7 modern cities, dirt and pollution aren’t just a problem outside your home – they can get inside, too. We provide meticulous professional carpet cleaning in Nairobi. Our professional carpet cleaning services in Nairobi have a wealth of experience cleaning everything from carpets and rugs to upholstery, mattresses and curtains.

    Your home’s carpets, rugs and fabrics can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria and other undesirable microorganisms. Because modern fabric and fibres are densely woven, dirt and debris have a hard time escaping. This makes cleaning very difficult and when stains are involved, it tends to attract bacterial growth.

    You can trust our team to take care of all your carpet cleaning needs, prolonging your investment’s lifespan and making sure your living space is free from dirt, debris, and harmful microorganisms. We’re proud that our professionalism, reliability and great results make us the best candidates to handle your carpet cleaning.

    Expert Sofa Cleaning Services in Nairobi

    office cleaning services in nairobi Kenya

    We specialise in upholstery cleaning services and can deal with any furniture type. We clean sofas, chairs, curtains, drapery and anything upholstered by using high-end technology. We use the latest upholstery cleaning methods and determine which one to perform depending on your upholstery’s fabric type, which can be silk, leather, etc.

    For leather and delicate fabrics, we recommend dry upholstery cleaning. Anyway, if your sofa is made from synthetic fibres, then we can perform hot water extraction cleaning. No matter the cleaning method, at the end of both services you’ll get a perfect upholstery treatment.

    Hot water extraction is the most effective sofa cleaning method. The service starts with the application of special detergents, which are specialised for the removal of common upholstery stains, such as coffee, greasy food, blood, ink, crayon, vomit, etc.

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